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Hey Guys, Joshua Zamora here...

With an EXTREMELY valuable offer that will allow you to take your agency TO THE NEXT LEVEL without doing ANY additional work on your part. ! 

Yup, at this point you already have Lead Valet, our DFY Website Templates and our Plus Level Subscription to get over 20,000 credits per month. 

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On this page, you’re going to be able to unlock our Leads Expansion Pack which gives you access to 5x the amount of leads than our standard level.

You’ll also be unlocking our international leads pack  - which we could have EASILY sold as separate upgrades, but we decided to bundle them up for a VERY limited time, AND you’re even locking in a VERY powerful BONUS of getting 5M NEW leads every month JUST for taking action on this upgrade.

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Part 1

Unlock Our 5x Lead Expansion Pack

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This is EASILY one of the MOST powerful and profit-producing upgrades that we have. This feature is going to allow you to INSTANTLY 5x the number of leads that you get access to. Our standard level comes built-in with over 7,000,000 leads. However on THIS page, you’ll be able to expand your reach by getting access to over 35,000,000 leads!

Yes, you read that correctly: 

Go From 7M to 35,000,000 Leads!!!

This alone would have been worth an upgrade of it’s own and we could EASILY charge over $997 or even a month recurring fee for it. However, wait until you see the INSANE deal we have for you today!

Part 2

Unlock International Leads Pack

$997 Value

We couldn’t 5x the number of leads you get access to WITHOUT making sure that we cover leads on a GLOBAL level as well, right? 

Part 2 of this offer is unlocking our international leads pack which is EXACTLY what it sounds like. You’ll be unlocking our database of leads that covers just about EVERY country, state and city you can think of. 

Yup, if you’re not in the US or you’d like to take your agency to a GLOBAL level, then this is the PERFECT expansion pack for you!

Talk about awesome, right? 


For A VERY-Limited Time, You’ll Also Be Securing Up To 5 Million NEW Leads Every.Single.Month

AT NO EXTRA Cost So You Can ALWAYS have FRESH Leads To Target

$297 Value

Yup, you read that correctly. How would you like to be able to NEVER run out of leads for you agency? 

I’m talking about truly NEVER having to worry about being able to access a STEADY, PROVEN and Reliable source of leads? 

Well, that’s EXACTLY what you’re getting in this amazing bonus. 

For a VERY limited-time, we’ve decided to also include our Monthly Leads Pack as a part of this bundle offer - at NO extra charge. 

This means that you’ll have the ability to instantly access up to 5M new and fresh leads that we’ll be adding to our system EVERY single month! 

This is the ULTIMATE dream, right? Being able to still bring in a HEALTHY profit, while leveraging the power of our DFY Lead Generation to not do ANY of the work yourself!  

And now, it’s time to get to the million dollar question…

How Much Is It To Unlock All 3 Of Our Expansion Packs?

Considering that you can sell just ONE service to ONE client for $500-$1000, we could EASILY charge $997 or more to unlock these amazing features. 

Especially with Lead Valet doing your lead generation FOR YOU! 

Like I said before, these are EASILY the MOST profit-producing features you’ll be getting your hands on. 

However, we’re here to offer you a VERY special, limited-time discount. 

It’s not going to be anywhere NEAR $1997, $997, or even $497! 

You can get access to our Lead Valet Expansion Packs for the CRAZY, Discounted, One-Time Price You See Below!

However Before You Grab This Upgrade, Let’s Quickly Recap The Value Of What You’re Getting TODAY!

Unlock our Lead Expansion Pack

$997 Value

Unlock our International Lead Expansion Pack

$997 Value

Unlock our Monthly Leads Pack

$297 Value

That’s a Total Value of $2,291!

And we could've easily charged EXACTLY that to be able to SUPERCHARGE Your Lead Valet Dashboard.

However since you’re here during our charter-members grand-opening, we’re going to give you one HECK of a deal! 

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Adtivate WhiteLabel

And Of Course, This Offer Is 100% Risk Free To You

If at any point before the 30 days you feel that our Expansion Packs are not right for you just shoot us an email and you’ll get a FULL Refund.

And just like our other upgrades, this offer is 100% optional. You can always use the leads we already have built in. 

However, if you prefer to BOOST your profit potential and ALWAYS have fresh leads to target, I highly recommend securing this special offer. 

You may NEVER see it again. 

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I look forward to seeing you in the members area.

Unlock our Lead Expansion Pack

$997 Value

Unlock our International Lead Expansion Pack

$997 Value

Unlock our Monthly Leads Pack

$297 Value




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